About me

Who am I and what can I do?

Hi! My name is Emil and I am passionate about programming. My adventure with designing internet applications started in 2003 and I have been successfully continuing it to this day.

I like to work on development – the possibility of creating and facing new challenges in internet technologies is a fascinating activity. The field of internet technologies has been developing very dynamically that is why I focus large attention on self-education in the context of personal growth, which has enabled me to meet the challenges of the future.

I specialise in designing applications dedicated for the purpose of the internet, using new techniques for development and code testing, including self-organisation and planning of design works. Feel free to become familiar with the content of my proprietary work, and possibly, to cooperate with me.

What can I?

  • Internet technologies:
    • HTML / CSS (Bootstrap)
    • JavaScript (RequireJS, Node.js, Backbone, JQuery, JQuery UI)
    • PHP 5 (Phing, Composer, Zend Framework, PHPUnit, Mockery, Smarty, Twig)
  • Methodologies of programming: OOP, TDD
  • Databases: SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Tools: GIT, UML, ERD
  • Software: NetBeans, Sublime Text, Visual Paradigm, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator + DTP
  • Operating systems: Linux Debian (Snort, Psad, Apache, Postfix, PowerDNS, OpenVZ)

What can I help you?

  • Web pages
  • Dedicated applications
  • Mobile applications



Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail, social media or telephone.